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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  September 16, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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by 5:00, only 66. we'll top out at 67, 68 with enough sunshine. certainly a lot cooler. some 20 degrees cooler than what we were wednesday afternoon. some showers yesterday. they were fairly light. had a reported tornado in ocean city. first water spout that came onshore did a little damage around 57th, 76th streets. this morning, we're clear to partly cloudy and chilly. 43 now at gaithersburg and frederick. it is 41 in cumberland. fredericksburg still 50. go to southern maryland and you're into 54 degree range at pax river. away from the water, we're in the 40s at andrews and even tappahannock at 50 degrees. steve in cross junction, 40. 42. going into the mid to the upper 60s today. monika? >> it is that chilly. we'll start off with a live look from sky 9. this is the accident that we've been talking about since early this morning. it happened at 1:30 blocking off route 210 in accokeek
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between route 373 and farmington road. you can see the back-up that it is already causing out of southern maryland. look at that. that's the northbound side of route 210 and what is it? 6:01 in the morning. it did happen at 1:30. we've been telling you about this. you will want to choose an alternate route. there is the proof. authorities tell us i've been on the phone with corporal mike rodriguez all morning long. it will be there until about 7:00 before they can start to open up any lanes. what happened was two cars, they believe, racing on the southbound side of 210, one went into the northbound lane hitting a tractor trailer. it was a fiery crash. we'll keep you posted on this situation. let's take you around town live elsewhere. here's what it looks like at the roosevelt bridge. no problems on 66 but remember, starting tonight at 8:00, the chain bridge will be closed until 5:00 on monday morning. so, this could be one of your alternate routes. right now, as you can see,
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everything looks fine here and a last look on the other side of town at the american legion bridge, no problems crossing the potomac river between the tysons and bethesda area. >> coming up, we'll update you on the big accident at 6:12. back to you guys. >> the investigation into the death of a university student. an autopsy on the female victim is expected to happen this morning. >> so far, no one has been charged in this but the victim's roommate is in police custody. 9news now reporter surae chinn is in bowie with more on the story. surae, good morning. >> good morning to both of you. you know, this was supposed to be a week of celebrations. this was homecoming week. tomorrow is the big game. but instead, they're dealing with a tragedy. we know that one person is dead and a suite mate is now in custody. her name, the victim is 18- year-old dominique fraser. we have cassandra robinson, a spokesperson for bowie state
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university. so tragic here. i wanted to talk about those -- the response of the university. when this first happened, how were students alerted? >> first, the university executed our emergency alert system to let students know that those who live in this residence hall, there had been a significant event and that they would not be allowed to come back into the residence hall. most of them were attending a homecoming celebration comedy event on the campus. away from the residence hall. >> reporter: talk about how the staff and the university itself deals with something like this and trying to move on with a student, this is the beginning of the school year. >> certainly, it is definitely a tragic event at any time but especially at the beginning of the school year. tomorrow, the university -- today, rather, the university has canceled classes for the day in order to bring the community together for a moment of reflection and comfort and solace to remember the person
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who was so tragically lost. a member of our community that we will so sorely miss. and particularly, to express our condolences also to the family of this young lady. it is such a tragic loss for them. >> reporter: quickly, does the university know anything about a history between the two. we understand it was a fight that escalated. >> preliminary police investigations, we're being told that there was some disagreement between the two during the day that escalated into more serious altercation. >> thank you so much, cassandra robinson with bowie state university. a spokesperson here. we want to point out this is the dormitory where it happened. the mcauliffe community dormitory where again, one person was stabbed to death. the roommate now in custody. back to you. >> all right, surae chinn reporting live from bowie, maryland. well, good news this morning for the family of a special needs child. mika may has been found! mika disappeared around 7:30
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last night from the family home in the 4600 block of logsden drive but this morning, we're happy to report he's back with his family. one week ago, president obama went to congress to lay out a new plan with hopes of boosting the economy and creating jobs. and top republicans actually seemed somewhat receptive. so, what happened? things seem ton changing. here's house speaker john boehner. take a listen to his comments. >> let's be honest with ourselves. the president's proposals are a poor substitute for the pro growth policies that are needed to remove barriers to job creation in america. >> so, how should we remove these barriers? well, according to speaker boehner, he wants to cut taxes and he wants some of the same congressional subcommittee that's now trying to reduce the debt to overhaul the nation's massive tax code. he says getting rid of hundreds of deduction and special interest loopholes then lower the tax rate. not just individuals but on
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businesses. he says that will generate new jobs. well, the army is proposing an eight-year plan when it comes to cleaning up the ground water contamination at fort detrick. the plan lays out steps for investigating and if necessary, remediating pollution there. the suspected source of the pollution is in a largely undeveloped part of the campus called area b. the army dumps waste in trenches there from the 1940s through the 1970s and at least 80 neighbors over the years have filed claims with the army alleging contamination on that site has contributed to their cancer and other illnesses. >> it looks like role playing will be used in the investigation into the disappearance of frederick maryland woman in aruba. the aruban prosecutor's office told us it plans to reenact the reported drowning of robyn gardner. her companion, gary giordano claims she disappeared while the two were snorkeling last month. solicitor general isn't revealing exactly when the
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reenactment will happen to discourage spectators. giordano is the prime suspect in the presumed death of robyn gardner. >> show me the money! thursday, a judge ordered sulaimon brown here in d.c. to hand over documents to back up his claims that he was paid off by d.c. mayor vincent gray's campaign. brown had refused initially to release the money orders and bank statements because he said he was cooperating with federal investigators but the judge threatened to throw him in jail if he didn't hand over the documents and he needs to do that by monday. it is 6:07. i'm watching your money. pay the bills on time. you know that! but there are other things you could be doing or not doing that are dinging your credit score. joining us now with advice is lisa with kiplinger magazine. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> great article. your first tip has to do with store credit carts. what are you thinking here? >> sometimes you will go to the store and there will be this
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tempting offer where you can put thousands on to the store card and you don't have to make any payments for several months. if the balances on that card is near the card's limit, you're going to have a high credit utilization. that's not good for your score. be careful about that. also if you wait to make the payments, that can have a drag on your score. be careful about the amount you put on the card. >> really good thought. the next tip you have kind of dinged me. this has to do with parking tickets. specifically trashing them. i didn't realize i had this ticket but how does this affect your credit score? >> anything that's due to the local government that goes unpaid for a long time could eventually go to a collection agency and collection -- >> it happened to me. >> very bad for your credit score. they stay on your report for seven years. you want to avoid that. >> you also say we should go on a wallet diet when it comes to all of the credit cards and such. >> talking about new credit. if you're apply for several credit cards in a short period of time that, will put a lot of
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inquiries on your report and that's not good for your score. it makes you look more risky. >> definite red flag. the credit companies are saying what's going on here? >> you also say balance transfers, it does seem like a good idea. you can get 0%. you say maybe not so much. why is that? >> it depends on what you do with the cold card. the balance transfer can be good. be careful about what do you with the card. if it had a high credit limit and you close the card, you'll lose the amount of available credit to you. sometimes the best thing to do is to leave the old account open but keep a zero balance then your limit will stay high. >> all of the tricky secrets you're filling us in this morning. >> mike and andrea? >> good advice, thank you, both. our time right now is 6:09. nasa scientists make a pretty incredible discovery. we'll have details on that at 6:14. you have 30 minutes to get psyched up to break a sweat. get ready to zumba at 6:45.
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>> howard is going to be there with his gym shorts on. he's up next. the weekend forecast will be right back. [ indistinct talking on radio ] [ tires screech ] [ crying ]
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5, maybe 10 miles per hour. we'll be back with a look at the weekend in a few minutes. monika right now, looking at the morning commute. >> we'll take a live look here from sky 9 on the northbound side of route 210, you see that it is closed between livingston road and farmington road as authorities investigate an overnight fatal accident. southbound lane has been reopened. i'll update you on this and other area problems coming up next. back to you, mike and andrea. >> thank you, monika. a former marine receives a medal of honor at the white house thursday for his actions in afghanistan. he saved the lives of 36 troops. >> but he doesn't see himself as a hero. >> on september 8th, 2009, insurgents ambushed dakota meyer's team in the kunar province. he asked for help then asked his commanders to allow him to rush in to help his team. the commanders denied his request but meyer went anyway. he made five trips in an armored humvee through heavy gunfire to remove his fellow marines from harm's way.
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>> my guys were in there and they're in there fighting. i need to be in the fight with them. >> meyer is only the third living recipient and the first marine to be awarded the medal of honor for actions in iraq or afghanistan. cbs news pentagon correspondent david martin sat down for a one- on-one interview with meyer. that interview will air this sunday on "60 minutes." you can see it here on wusa 9. >> police in montgomery are searching for answers in the case of a stolen horse and they say they are now nearly positive 12-year-old thoroughbred mix named addie was the victim of a late nighthorse wrestling back on september 2nd. addie was taken from a locked paddock at taylormade stables in dems a us could. >> they do a fantastic job of taking care of their horses. this is a crying shame. no fault of theirs. i don't understand why someone would want to do something like this. she said it doesn't make sense. >> it doesn't make sense because addie is not a high
6:15 am
dollar horse. auctions and dealers in three states are asked to be on the lookout for this. >> scientists make a discovery that's truly out of this world. one planet revolving around two suns. >> nasa scientists say the kepler space telescope captured details of a giant planet in orbit around a pair of stars about 200 light years away. researchers called the discovery stunning. they say the planet is somewhat like saturn in size but nearly 50% more dense, suggesting it's richer in heavy elements. >> when i was a kid, i didn't think it was going to be possible to ever be able to make discoveries like this. that i imagined that the distances were so great that the optical resolving power that was going to be required to be able to pick out a planet around a star was going to require infeasibly large instruments. >> scientists are calling the planet kepler 16abb. george lucas thought of it
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because remember luke skywalker lived on a planet with two suns revolving around it. so, there it is. you were talking about lots of events going on. there is a twilight walk at health and wellness walk. it is going to be saturday evening 4:00 to 7:00. twilight this saturday at haynes point. people will definitely need to -- >> windbreaker. >> sweater. >> longer pants. >> sponsored by chapters of the area links from district virginia in maryland. >> so, 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. >> that sounds like a great idea. >> great afternoon. >> looking pretty good this weekend. we'll have more clouds than maybe some would like. >> we're talking about a few showers over toward the beaches. if you're going out toward ocean city, virginia beach. that looks a little cloudy and a little wetter. here's a look at our allergy update. that's still a little bit of a problem with weeds high. mold has come down to moderate. and the trees and grasses are also in the moderate category. our bus stop forecast, a big chill in the air this morning. haven't been this chilly since
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early may. 40s and 50s under mostly sunny skies. winds are fairly light as well. the day planner featuring sunshine this morning. by midday, a few more clouds. this afternoon, mostly cloudy, 66. we'll top off somewhere in the mid to upper 60s. definitely a chilly start with a sweater. few clouds this afternoon. the weekend still cool. 60s tomorrow and low 70s at best on sunday. with a better chance for a few showers toward the coast as a little storm is coming up from the carolina coast slowly drifting northeast. look at the temps this morning. low 40s gaithersburg, ladensville at 43. 45 for haymarket. 44 in reston this morning. even down south, fort belvoir, 45 along with baden and in columbia and laurel, 43. so, chilly this morning as i said. and about four and a half months. 50 at reagan national. dew point is 42. the humidity is 74%. we're watching a lot of chilly air especially in the great lakes. northern wisconsin in the 20s
6:18 am
this morning while detroit, 44. we even have mid-30s in places like bradford, pittsburgh was in the upper 30s. for us, some showers in the middle of the country. we're not going to see this moisture but look at how the clouds extend from here east through the ohio and tennessee valley. the cloudiness from that is what we're going to be looking at. we're watching the showers moving off the carolina coast. those will make their way slowly northeast. eastern north carolina, southeastern virginia, you see the clouds are streaming in here by 6:00 tonight. some of the clouds will be with us tonight, tomorrow as well. so, invariably cloudy for the next couple of days. generally dry. cool, too. today, about 66, 68. partly to mostly cloudy this afternoon. 40s and 50s again tonight with upper 60s tomorrow. again at times mostly cloudy. sunday looks decent. 72. 'skins are home then. monday, warming up to the mid- 70s. that looks like a real nice start to next week. a little warmer with an increasing chance of storms beginning on tuesday. monika samtani is checking in.
6:19 am
that helicopter shot, sky 9 looking at 210. >> incredible. i'm first going to show you video of what happened overnight. we're talking about a fatal accident on the northbound side of route 210 in accokeek. that's what you're looking at now. it was what they believe are two cars racing, one car veered into the wrong direction and hit a tractor trailer causing a fiery crash and again, a confirmed fatality here. we're going to take a live look from sky 9 and show you the back-up where northbound 210 remains blocked between routes 373 and farmington road. go ahead and take 373 over to farmington to get back on to 210 and the authorities tell me this is going to be this way until at least 7:00 this morning. let's take you over to -- a shot of the beltway. inner loop here at the robinson terminal. up ahead, on the scene of an accident at braddock road. that's in the left lane. we'll end with a graphic on the eastbound side of route 50 here in arlington where this is closed between pershing and
6:20 am
courthouse road. with a death investigation. go ahead and use washington boulevard instead. that situation could be there for awhile as well. in my next report, i'll give you an update at 6:25. back to you guys. >> before we take a break, here is a look at the question of the morning. >> according to a recent survey, what is the most amazing secret hideout in tv and movies? >> bruce townsend says on our facebook page wrote i like control of get smart but i have to go with the women haters, the little rascals. i'll bet as they got older, they were women admirers. >> it was the he-man womanhaters club was the name of the hideout. we'll reveal the real answer in about half an hour. [ female announcer ] from the very first moment we arrive...
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6:24 on this friday morning. this chilly friday morning. we've got lots of 40s throughout. coldest since early may. we start with 40s and low 50s as we put our future cast in motion to 9:00. still mostly sunny. low to mid-50s. by lunchtime, a few more clouds start showing up. lower 60s. this afternoon, we become mostly cloudy. highs will be in the mid, maybe the upper 60s. but we'll stay dry today. >> announcer: now, 9 sports with kristin berset, the best sports in town. good morning, everybody. here's your first look at sports. coming up off their big win over miami and a bye week, the maryland terrapins have turned their focus to saturday's big match-up against 18th ranked west virginia but they're going to have to try to knock them off without two of their top receivers. the terrapins have suspended ronny tyler and clinton mccree indefinitely for violating team rules. according to police reports,
6:25 am
tyler was charged with second degree assault. no specifics on why mccree was suspended. in a statement released from coach randy edsal, expectation of our program is for our student athletes to conduct themselves in the proper manner academically, athletically and socially. unfortunately, clinton and ronnie fell short of these expectations. this is a big blow for the terps. those guys were two top contributors to the terrapins. now to the redskins game this weekend. no one more motivated to beat arizona than former cardinal tim hightower. as he's getting ready for the big game, he tweets this picture of him and his offensive linemen. good to see they're getting along and maybe who picks up the check. they have a little more motivation to open bigger holes. we'll see. >> tommy malone making his third career start for the nats. showing good stuff with 5 2/3 striking out four. only allowing one run. he was backed by plenty of offense. ryan zimmerman's rbi double in the eighth brings in alex cora.
6:26 am
nats go on to win 10-1 completing a four-game sweep. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm kristin berset. have a great friday! i'm monika samtani. aisle on the northbound side of route 210 here in accokeek. one lane blocked with this accident investigation from overnight. delays are beginning to ease. i'll give you more details on this and other problems around the area coming up in my next report. you're watching 9news now. stay with us! ♪
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with investment information, risks, fees and expenses hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. we had to show you this gorgeous shot of the capitol this morning. it is absolutely beautiful. >> pink and blue look. >> maybe it will inspire our leaders to enjoy each other's company for once. i don't know. howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace with a jacket on, i believe. >> it is always cold enough for gloves at this point. >> no, howard! not yet. >> we've still got the bare hands here. but there are some spots in the low 40s this morning. that's glove weather. not the heavy ones. but we do have a much cooler air mass in place. not only for today but right through the weekend.
6:31 am
our day planner for you on this friday calling for sunshine this morning. we're at 50 now at national. mid-50s at 9:00. more clouds this afternoon. mid possibly upper 60s if we can get enough sunshine. winds won't be bad today. a few showers here yesterday. had that small tornado in ocean city. around 75th, 76th street. we're watching the clouds in the ohio valley moving this way later on. luray is 40. manassas down to 43. water keeps things warmer like at pax river and cambridge also. a chilly, chilly start. we're looking at a very autumnal friday around here. even though fall doesn't officially begin until next friday morning, we're looking at highs, check it out. mid to upper 60s. next time we're on the weather terrace, it will be rocking and rolling around here. inside to monika with timesaver traffic. >> i'm going to show what you it looks like on a map of the serious crash from overnight. the good news is that things are beginning to clear up. the bad news is we still have
6:32 am
delays on the northbound side of route 210 in accokeek and let's go to the sky 9 live shot of this. again, still backing up northbound on route 210 heading for this fatal fiery crash from overnight. if you look closely, you'll see there's only one lane that remains blocked on the northbound side here at livingston road. route 373 but again, it is going to be a slow go for you early this morning travelling into accokeek. i'll keep you posted of course. now, let's go to a camera on 395 northbound. i'm happy to say although you're seeing the brake lights. this is normal stuff on 395 and 95 heading up toward springfield and here in landmark heading up toward the 14th street bridge with no major problems in virginia. coming up in my next report, a problem in arlington at 6:46. back to you guys. an autopsy will be performed later this morning on a female bowie state university student who was stabbed on campus. >> so far, no one has been charged with killing 18-year- old dominique fraser but maryland state police do have a young woman in custody.
6:33 am
9news now reporter surae chinn is in bowie, maryland, with more on this very sad story. it has to be a horrible phone call for any parent to receive. >> we're sorry we're having some problems with audio. we'll bring you surae's report shortly. >> don't be surprised if police give your child a ride home if they're out past 11:00 on a school night in montgomery county. and if they have to be in by midnight on weekends as well. thursday, county council members spent hours going over the pros and cons. the police chief is favoring a curfew. others say it does not address some of the underlying issues. >> i want to go home. it is so scary here. people are dying. it is wild.
6:34 am
>> the county council plans to take a closer look whether or not an all-out curfew is warranted. one alternative is tweaking the current laws on loitering. >> we do apologize. we're having technical problems. >> in this story, all that you'll see only on 9, a public school controversy is brewing this morning in fairfax county. it is over a new proposal to put surveillance cameras in all high school cafeterias and common areas. this comes after a couple of huge fights broke out last year like this one at west springfield high school. principals believe cameras would prevent chaos from breaking out and other bad behaviors such as bullying. not everyone agrees. >> if you want safe schools, you prevent things from occurring. this seeks to punish kids after the fact and there's no data that says it will deter, there's no data that says that it will keep students safer. >> i don't have any security
6:35 am
between the hours of 3:00 to 11:00 and the building is open for adult and community use. what goes on during those hours, people coming and going and i think cameras would provide additional security. >> the cool board will make the final decision but not before the election in november which may bring in several new board members. well, it is 6:35. time to watch your money. >> how would you like to save money on your mortgage? jessica has some ideas. >> let's say you own a home. you have equity in that home and let's say you haven't refinanced in awhile. this could be a good time to consider a refi and here's the reason why. mortgage rates have dropped to their lowest levels in six decades. freddie mac, 30-year fixed rate hit 4.09%. 15-year down to 3.3%. let's say you have a $200,000 mortgage at 6%, refinancing at 4.09 is going to take you from a monthly payment of about $1200 a month to under $1,000
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>> all right! let's go! thank you, jess. >> saving us money on our texting plans. >> on a more serious note, back to our top story. >> our top story out of bowie, maryland. a female student there who was stabbed to death overnight on campus. surae chinn is live right near the university with more on the story. surae? >> reporter: well, we've also learned that classes have been canceled so students can deal with this tragedy. it is a tight-knit community. only 5600 students go here. where we are is on campus at bowie state university and behind me is where the incident happened on the second floor of the christa mcauliffe residential community dormitory. and what we know is that one person has died. 18-year-old dominique fraser and her suite mate is now in custody. again, no classes today. paramedics have rushed the woman to the hospital. she later died. this all happened around 8:00 last night in the 1400 block of
6:38 am
jericho park road and haley drive. students say there was a comedy show last night as part of their homecoming events so not a lot of people were at the dorm room at the time. students became alert when they received text alerts keeping an eye out for someone running out of the second floor of the dorm building. >> i want to go home. like it is so scary here. like people are getting stabbed and dying. it is wild. >> and now, listening to and reading twitter feeds, we've also learned that this could possibly have been over an ipod. that an argument escalated and now we know the tragedies that happened. the 19-year-old turned herself in. we also know the victim was also celebrating a birthday this weekend. very tragic as students deal with this horrible news here on campus. back to you. >> surae chinn reporting live with that update from the campus of bowie. >> the time right now is 6:39.
6:39 am
howard is up next with the weekend forecast. >> you have about 10 minutes to get your rear in gear. we're getting ready to zumba when the news continues. stay with us.
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welcome back. 6:43. howard here with your weather first on this chilly friday morning. coldest we've been since early may. we're looking at temperatures going to be in the low 50s there at 8:00. still some 40s in the suburbs. we start with a good deal of sunshine. north to northeast wind. by noon, low 60s. you want to eat outside. you may need a light jacket. mid-60s this afternoon under mostly cloudy skies. highs 67 to 68 with a 63 degree reading by 8:00. an evening planned activity outside. perhaps a little league game or something, there will be a chill in the air. gaithersburg this morning is
6:44 am
43. 54 down at the pax river naval air station. 50 from newland. 57 in readville, the chesapeake. water temperatures are in the 70s. 40 in luray. culpepper is 43. and in washington, reagan national, now 50 degrees. dew point all the way down to 42. air is dried out significantly from a couple of days ago when we were in the 80s. a lot of areas are very, very light. look at the temperatures regionally, pittsburgh, 39. mid-30s up toward bradford. saw 20s in wisconsin this morning while chicago is 50 and detroit, 45. a lot of cool air covering the eastern lakes up toward mid- atlantic on the northeast. with high pressure building in, we're going to stay cool the next couple of days. look at the clouds though back in indiana and ohio moving this way. there are some showers here. they're fairly light. i don't expect the moisture from the showers to reach us but i do expect the clouds to be building toward us during the afternoon. hey, going down toward virginia beach or down toward eastern north carolina, ocean city,
6:45 am
more clouds and maybe a few showers over the weekend but you'll notice here that we've got the clouds with us tonight at times tomorrow. so, it won't be perfectly blue but we start out with sunshine today and varying clouds today, tonight, tomorrow. 68 today. back in the 40s and 50s tonight. saturday, we're looking at the upper 60s with partly to mostly cloudy conditions. sunday for the 'skins. partly sunny. low 70s. next week, we rebound some. mid-70s by monday. up near 80 on tuesday. could be an afternoon thunderstorm and then wednesday and thursday look unsettled but warm. monika is in now with timesaver traffic. >> what i want to tell you, everybody, is i just got off the phone with authorities in arlington and eastbound route 50 is still closed basically between north pershing and courthouse road with accident investigation. it was an overnight hit and run accident. very serious. here's what it looks like on northbound 95, slow out of lorton into springfield. 395 is duke street to seminary
6:46 am
report. we'll update you on the situation in accokeek at 6:15. back to you guys. andrea? >> thank you, monika. come on out. this will keep you warm. hundreds of people are going to be dancing for a cure tomorrow. it is the first zumba on this to raise money in support of a support group for latinas with cancer. we first introduced you to the women in last week's buddy check 9. you can still see that on our web site. joining me this morning is larisa and she's going to tell us all about zumba thon happening tomorrow. what's zumba thon? >> it is a great opportunity to have exercise and have fun and feel the rhythm, show your latin moves. show your skills, dancing and what a better way than supporting an organization that's helping la teens in a with cancer -- latinas and women with cancer. the zumba thon is a family event.
6:47 am
there will be zumba for kids. there will be prizes. there will be three checkouts for those who want to do sugar, blood pressure. >> you're looking at all parts of the body, overall health and wellness. >> this is taking place tomorrow at the luray school. >> it starts, registration at 8:30 and zumba will start at 9:30 sharp. those who want to come up and form a team, they can register but they have to be sharp at 9:30 and win prizes. those individuals do not need to pay any fees. just come. there will be a shuttle bus at woodley park and come and have fun. that's the deal. >> we have a team at channel 9 who love to zumba. you're going to show us what it means. it is chilly out here this morning. so, it will be a great way to wrap up. raising money because your goal is that no latina will have to experience cancer alone. >> that's correct.
6:48 am
>> we support all latinas that are cancerring from cancer, who are going through cancer, fighting cancer. we try to give them a hand. we offer them emotional support and access to healthcare services. and we give them a great -- >> you're going to give them a great time. we're going to use the next couple of minutes to show you exactly what zumba looks like and sounds like. so, larisa, we play the music. get us started! ♪ ♪
6:49 am
♪ >> all right. zumba thon tomorrow. muray school. we have the information. registration on our web site at you can just click on buddy check. we're having a good time here. mike, take it away. the answer to the question of the day. >> according to a recent survey, what is the most amazing secret hideout in tvs or movies? our facebook friend elizabeth wrote my age says a but being a mother and reading and seeing the movies, i'll go with c, harry potter. can't go wrong with a room that knows your whims. >> you've got a point but you're wrong. the correct answer is b, the
6:50 am
little rascals clubhouse. >> we'll be back. zumba!
6:51 am
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it is 6:53. we're looking good but chilly. 50 in town. low 60s by noon. partly sunny. this afternoon, partly to mostly cloudy. cool, mid maybe upper 60s. grab a jack, andrea? >> at 6:53, here is a look at today's top stories. maryland state police are investigating a hom on the campus of bowie state university. 18-year-old come knack fraser has stabbed in a dorm overnight. her roommate is in police custody although she has not yet been charged.
6:54 am
class have been canceled at bowie for the day. >> u.s. supreme court is block the execution of a man convicted of double murder in texas. the decision came hours before duane buck could have been put to death. his lawyers argued that race played a factor in the trial. the supreme court justices will now review the appeal. it is only temporary but the faa has avoided another shutdown. thursday, the senate passed a bill temporarily extending federal aviation in highway programs. the vote came after republican senator tom coburn dropped his efforts to block the measure. it is 6:54. >> weather and traffic when 9news now returns. keep it here.
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant.
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bundle home and auto at we've got temps in the mid to upper 60s today. more clouds this afternoon. more 40s and 50s tonight. if you're going to the shore, watch out for a couple of showers possibly saturday night and sunday. monika? >> a live look from sky 9 at the overnight fatal accident. investigations almost complete on northbound route 210 at livingston road. expect some residual delays and a quick look at 270 on the southbound side. slow traffic here heading toward rockville with the lanes open. >> we're looking flat for wall street but nothing flat out here. lots of energy going on with the zumba. >> "the early show" is next. of course, monika. >> monika and howard will be back in a few minutes. we'll see you monday. starting at 4:25. zumba thon tomorrow. muray school. 8:30. be there. help find the cure!
6:59 am
bye-bye. all right, mike, shake it!


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